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Akwl purK bwc ] cOpeI ]
This is a document (in Punjabi and English) translating "God's words to Guru Gobind Singh Jee".
gurmiq ly hir boil
This is a document (in Punjabi and English) released on 400th anniversary of Adi Granth.
sMq, swD, siqguru
This is a document (in Punjabi and English) about the meaning of Sant. Sadh, Satgur in Adi Granth.
AMimRsru, qIrQu, srovru, ieSnwnu
This is a document (in Punjabi and English) about the meaning of Amritsar, Teerath, Sarovar, Ishnaan in Adi Granth.
BweI gurdws dIAW vwrW
This is a document (in Punjabi) comparing the writings of Bhai Gurdaas with the teachings and instructions in Adi Granth. It addresses and discusses some of the many conflicts between the two. It also features a 1 page comparison table for quick reference.